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Merchant Of Death is a masterpiece and a
mind altering experience, transporting you to
places you have only dreamt of. Ginger
Leigh is very mysterious; not much is known
but venturing into his musical vision
gives you a bit more insight behind
the eyes of this talented artist.
( Philadelphia PA, USA)

It's huge and mean and threatening in such a
marvelous way. 'Merchant Of Death' is a
compelling selection of avant-experimental-
electronic-noise-pop that deserves
far more attention.
(Evansville, IN, USA)

...and what makes this artist a rare pearl these
days is the fact that his production has brought
a liberating wind of freshness on to the industrial
scene as he freely moves away from scene
paradigms and clichés to forge ahead a vision
that is every bit as intriguing as this mysterious
artist is. And The Hallucinations is an aptly
descriptive title for this new collection of
visionary tracks, each bringing an element of
that kind of weirdness that must have tapped the
back of the minds of us all a few times during
our lives, and that GL seem to persevere in
committing to disc at regular intervals since
no-one else of us finds the courage to.
Perhaps one day we'll unveil the mystery
behind Ginger Leigh, but for the time being I'm
quite happy with being presented with works
of industrial avant-garde that transcend the
establishment schemes and take up on a
completely unconventional approach with
the result of delighting my ears and soul.
(Enfield, England)

...appear to be coming from some lo-fi idealogy
with an eye on skewed soundtrack material and
a penchant for industrial noise, often augmenting
source material with blasts of noise or distorted
electronic accompaniment. Its ability to purloin
from various musical styles is unique especially
amongst the industrial and noise genres and,
at least, they're attempting something different.
(Scotland, UK)

Extreme music from “America under fire” is
filled up to the brim with the delightful
madness of Middle Eastern Muslim rhythms,
Arabian sounds and ethnic rhythmical
landscapes. All is gracefully and unpretentiously
wrapped up in strange mysterious landscapes
of 60s shows, in metaphysical cosmic notes,
in urban noise environments of polyphony
and in industrial mantras. 
Igor Vaganov, ACHTUNG BABY!
(Rostov-on-Don, Russia)

Ginger Leigh is from Artesia California and has
been releasing strange CDs to much acclaim for
quite awhile. It all sounds like great soundtrack
music for movies that would be too good to
actually be made! Monster music...
...the way it's all put together is very impressive.
(Wiltshire, England)

Ginger Leigh would be a great porn name, a
reference to both the good and evil sides of
the industry. It recalls Ginger Lynn, Queen of
Eighties kink… It also brings to mind the
tragic Megan Leigh, she of latter day Deep
Throat and Behind the Green Door
installment fame, who tragically took her
own life in another of porn's often horrible
moments. This disc really sucked it.
(Kenmore, NY) does form a unique sound and in the end
doesn't come across as just a pinch of this and
a dab of that, but what
seems to be a window
into the mysterious world of Ginger Leigh. Most
definitely a perfect case of genius through
insanity. Something new, different, and although
probably the most sample-derivative music
I've reviewed to date, it also manages to
be some of the most original.
West Roxbury, MA, USA)

Ginger Leigh...proves...that the sun shines in
hell. ...bewitching, fascinating and scary.
...a real rarity; an artist goes new paths
without copying the styles and music
you know so well in this art form.
Michael Mückz, CUEMIX
(Herzogenrath, Germany)

The strange meditative to funky turn the
collection of songs takes reminds one of the
hippie movement in the 70's with their drugs
excesses and "way out" music fuelled by free
love and LSD... groovy and psychedelic man...
(Gloucester, UK)

...bit like Big Black with it's thundering New York
noise-industrial style...short blast of electronic
tinkering...a nice eerie sound flowing through
it...with its hypnotic percussion has an
ethnic feel ...a bit like Muslimgauze...60s
theme music...futuristic sci-fi feel...
John Marshall, FLUX EUROPA
(London, England)

...songs that will change your life. The
atmosphere of the songs changes like a
fast trip around the world in a day, and in
the end you really loose your feeling for time
and space and will turn the album on again
and again.
Ginger Leigh is one of the big
exceptional artists in business, he didn’t
care about anything and in the end the result
is fascinating and mesmerizing. Music that
doesn’t bore its listener, this music asks
for attention and open ears. Nonesuch!
Michael Mückz, CUEMIX
(Herzogenrath, Germany)

...indeed I reckon that GL seems to have all
the qualities for scoring movies in his own
quintessential weirdness. The general
atmosphere is quite grim and his approach
definitely avant-garde. Not quite sure how
he has not landed on an appropriate label
yet, as he is churning out albums that
are one more interesting than the other...
(London, England)

ART IS HERE, CA! A third straight noise to a
third industrial blustering to a third unadulterated
weirdness, this is littered with howls of pain,
unnerving Middle Eastern wailing and an
extraordinary visual capacity that makes it
like the fractured soundtrack to some deep,
dark video documentary on nocturnal
activity in your local cemetery...
Stewart Gott, FLUX EUROPA
(London, England)

...with each song your fantasy completes it
with an image that is often exotic and
adventurous. This mix of electronic industrial
fused with eastern sounds and melodies
really works! An eclectic journey through
a multicultural landscape...
(Utrecht, The Netherlands)

It is becoming more rare today to find albums
of industrial obedience able to innovate, and
Ginger Leigh is essential from now on naturally
like a rising value of the current music.
This album confirms it.  Recommended!
Stéphane Fivaz, HEIMDALLR
(Châtel-St-Denis, Switzerland)

Each track on "A True Life Story" tells it's own
unique tale, from pummeling beat-driven power
electronics to softer ethnic sounds full of great
percussion. ...a thought-out slab of noise, full
of richness and depth. You need this album!
(Frederick, MD, USA)

A filmy and strange threatening travel journey
through one of the most interesting regions of
the world.  . genre lo-fi electronica...
This variant of electronic music results in a
rougher, in a less clean sound. This is
also the strength of Ginger Leigh. 
(Turnhout, Belgium)

Leigh provides an array of heavy-duty
post-industrial electronics, Middle-Eastern
rhythms, and oddly surreal sounds, all the while
never truly fitting into a rigid set of ideals or
set styles. ...more than solid work that doesn't
fail to surprise and even shock in its unique
combination of vibes and disparate cultural
reference points. GINGER LEIGH has created
a niche which is pretty well fully his own.
(Evansville, IN, USA)

Ginger Leigh's work lies between cultural
barriers and avant-garde lines, where each
individual track is a piece within a larger
puzzle, and there are always vague,
abstract, images surrounding them.
I highly recommend any of her releases.
(St. Mary, MO, USA)

...maybe if you like the State-Art kind of
industrial, you should try to get your hands
on this one. Good to hear that there is still
original music from the industrial scene.
"Sophisticated noise", how is that
for a description?
(Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

It is always very nice to experience new
innovative and inventive bands of these
proportions. It is even better when the music
has an attitude and with Ginger Leigh, this
is certainly a fact. This is a very enjoyable
piece of experimental music that I recommend
to those who are tired of hearing the same
stuff released, over and over again.
A splendid album.
(Skultuna, Sweden)

Finally a refreshing deconstructed sound.
Finally an eroded and corroded tonescape
that has width and breadth. Finally
someone since Bauhaus that recognizes
the musical quality of noise and naturalistic
sounds... It strives to be more than a hole in
time, more than a telling of tales. It shows
with all the mystery of a scrapbook
without captions. It succeeds. 
Christopher Eissing, LEGENDS MAGAZINE

(South River, NJ USA) 


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