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last updated: 2010-01-06



all CDs are available except where noted

#2010xxxx    THE OTHER PATH
<new one coming as soon as I can save enough money to put it out!>

#20081004    MERCHANT OF DEATH <get it now, only a few left!>

#20070811    ginger leigh and the Hallucinations <no longer available>

#20051204    SPARROW WINGS <no longer available>

#20040813    IF I SHOULD DIE TOMORROW <no longer available>

#20030520    A TRUE LIFE STORY
<no longer available>

#20020623    10 STORIES 10 LIES  
<no longer available>

<no longer available>

#20001111    BROKEN BY THE WORLD 
<no longer available>

#19981011    LOVE CHEATER 
<no longer available>


CDs are $10.00 each postpaid in the USA.
Add $3.00 postage for each unit on foreign orders.
Payment must be well-concealed US ca$h,
money orders or international money orders.
Foreign orders shipped gift with no customs tax!
Contact for "payable to" and "mail to" address
cause it's always changing: